Raman Kansal, MD (aka Captain Crunch)

Interventional Radiologist

B.A.: Washington University in St. Louis
M.B.A.: University of Michigan
M.D.: Baylor College of Medicine

Internship in Internal Medicine/Pediatrics: University of Texas Health Science Center

Residency in Diagnostic Radiology: University of Texas Medical Branch

Fellowship in Interventional Radiology: University of Washington

Dr. Raman Kansal has been an active part of DRPC since 2011. Positive and empathetic, Dr. Kansal genuinely loves working with the amazing staff and colleagues at DRPC and is motivated by the ability to help patients using minimally invasive procedures. In medical school, he found a special connection to radiology because of its wide variety of studies and procedures. Through advanced imaging and image-guided procedures, he’s able to quickly help patients address problems and recover. As an Interventional Radiologist, Dr. Kansal appreciates being able to send patients home relatively pain-free and with faster recovery times. His family inspires everything he does.