Computed Tomography

What Is It?

Computed Tomography––or CT–– is a scan that combines x-rays and computer technology for cross-sectional images to aid in precise diagnosis. CT scans (also referred to as CAT scans) use an x-ray beam that circles a particular part of your body, providing images from different angles. The benefit to a CT scan versus an x-ray is a more detailed, 360 degree view of the area which means more precise imaging.

Examples of the procedure include:

  • Chest CT
  • Maxillofacial CT
  • Head CT
  • Soft tissue CT
  • Lumbar spine CT.

Before Your Exam

If your exam requires the use of contrast (a substance taken orally or injected to help tissue appear more clearly), you may be asked to fast for 6 hours prior to your appointment and refrain from drinking 1 hour before the exam. As with x-rays, you may be asked to remove jewelry, dentures, or bulky clothing. We will provide gowns as needed.


Time required for your exam

Most CT scans last about 15 minutes and require you to lie down as still as possible for that time period. The machine is circular and the table will move you beneath the ring to achieve the appropriate scans.

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